50 shades of red

Hey guys! 

Here is another forgotten outfit post that I just found here! I understand that the dustercoat is not quite relevant in this weather, but I don’t want to wait until the spring for posting this, haha 🙂 It still can be worn, a warm coat just needs to be thrown over this:)

Anyways, I’ve gone to a mysterious destination for three days and nobody knows where. I just didn’t tell anyone. For one simple reason – I want to relax from the online world, which I haven’t done for two years now, so there won’t be any post from this destination. I brought my new Nikon Z7 with me, but I’m only going to take pictures for my private collection. There are two big and not really nice things that just happened in my life, so I just need to digest them. I hope you understand guys 🙂

Have an awesome first week of December!



Shoes – Zoot.cz
Pants – Zara
Shirt – H&M
Bag – Paul’s Boutique (via Zoot.cz)
Duster – Primark I think
Sunglasses – Mango