A bit of retro

Heyyy guys!

So before I write about the climb I did last week, here’s one mini outfit article. 

I just came back from Croatia, where I enjoyed the last summer days and now I got back to the true fall season! I’m not planning any major trips yet, so I can finally enjoy a bit of a blazer season in Prague, which I was looking for the whole summer.

You may be surprised, but I am quite happy to be home for a while. It’s ironic, that I never believed people who travel all the time, just wanting to be home and not traveling anywhere. Now I feel exactly the same. I don’t enjoy traveling as much as I used to. I feel like when you travel all the time, you don’t appreciate it so much and you rather appreciate what you don’t have that often. Which is my sweet home in my case. My Prague <3



Skirt – Can’t remember:(
Shoes – Asos
Bag – Zara
Top – Zara