Against the sun

Hey guys! 

Yesss, I’m alive! I passed the Friday exam, so I have a little bit of time to edit the pics & write a post. I still have two more exams to go, one of them is on Monday, but I can’t wait to be done and plan another trip. No matter where. Due to weather conditions I haven’t been able to plan a mountain hike for a while now. I was supposed to be in the Tatras this weekend, but since there is an enormous amount of snow & avalanches, I gave it up on Wednesday already. 

Anyways, I’m preparing a HUGE contest, in which you can win prizes worth 20.000 CZK, so be sure to check out my Instagram on Tuesday evening, the contest will be held there. There are prizes such as a phone, RayBans and luxurious lingerie & cosmetics, so it’s definitely worth trying!:) 

As far as my outfit is concerned, I’m stoked about my new shoes! I’ve been looking for these for several months now and I couldn’t find them anywhere. I was almost gonna buy these by Yves Saint Laurent but I was still hoping for.. mmm… not so expensive option… haha:) One day I found these and I can’t take them off now! They’re perfect! 

Today, I’m planning on going to a Starbucks or something and will be studying there, because I’m just not able to when I’m home, haha:) 

Have a great Sunday everyone! 


Coat – Primark
Shirt & Sweathirt (that’s one piece) – Zara
Pants – Stradivarius
Shoes –
Beanie – Primark
Handbag – Zara
Scarf – Reserved