Christmas in Dubai – Jumeirah Mosque & Madinat Jumeirah


Hey guysss! 

So in the last article, I was writing about how my plans for Christmas changed in a few minutes and just a few hours ago, I landed back in reality, in Prague. I managed to write all the articles on the plane, even though I was planning on sleeping, but since I accidentally drank about half a gallon of coffee, I couldn’t fall asleep of course hahaaha! 🙂 

Anyways, we spent 5 days in Dubai and I can already say, that it was one of the best ones. The first reason is that I ran away from Christmas, which I don’t really like because of all the stress and overeating and the second reason is because I was with my beloved mom. It was a totally different vacation than any other one, because I switched from hiking boots & tent to summer dress & fancy hotel, haha:) It’s not my style, but it was nice to experience something different. I managed to turn off for the whole 5 days, I slept like a baby and came back tan as hell. Also, I can’t fit into any of my jeans because I couldn’t resist the hotel breakfasts, so actually I had a break from healthy food as well. And what were we doing the whole time? Let’s see!

Day 1 (12/23)

We had this awesome breakfast in the hotel restaurant, which was located in the 32nd floor, so the view were fanstastic! 


After breakfast, I packed my handbag with my credit card, my Smart Platinum 7 (where I recorded all my InstaStories) and camera, without which I would never go anywhere, because I take pictures of everything and all the time haha!:) 

Jumeirah Mosque was the closest to our hotel, so the first day we headed right there. We were quite naive because we thought we could just walk from the closest metro station but we were walking for more than an hour! This was the point, when we figured out, that walking is probably not gonna work, haha 🙂


Finding no. 1: There are no people on the street at all! Everyone travels by car or metro. The cabs were stopping by all the time and asking us if we were lost and want a ride. They just couldn’t understand, that we were just walking around. 

Finding no. 2: Every second car is either Bentley, Ferrari or Roll-Royce. The poorest people here drive Range-Rovers. When I was looking up the car prices in Dubai, I figured why. I found really funny the Arabs, wearing the traditional  “dišdaša”, sitting in fancy cars. 

Finding no. 3: The Dubai metro (which isn’t actually a metro, because it rides above the surface) is really cool. First, it rides without a driver. Second, there are areas designated for women & children only and men just can’t be there under a fine. The same thing apply to all the buses. And the first and the last coach is business class, which has a better AC. 

Finding no. 4: I know how to say “The door is closing!” “El abuel utubleb.”

So anyways, after the mosque we headed to the icon of Dubai, hotel Burj-Al-Arab. Unfortunately you can’t get inside the area, because is guarded by dozens of Arabs in uniforms. 


Right next to the hotel, we found this bizarre place, which we couldn’t really understand. We thought we ran away from Christmas, but this place was full of Christmas! It as called Madinat Jumeirah and it was decorated with hundreds of Christmas trees, they were selling mulled wine (it was about 80 degrees!) and gingerbreads and there were these boats with waving Santa Clauses on the bows. The absolute strangeness was the area with atificial snow, full of kids having a snowball fight.  


In the evening, when we got back to the hotel, we jumped to the pool, because even at night the temperature wasn’t lower than 75 degrees. After the swim, we had a glass of champagne and went straight to bed. 


The next part of our Dubai adventures will be out soon, so stay tuned! 
Have a great rest of Thursday, guys!