First time ice-Climbing


Hey adventurers! 

I’ve tried ice climbing for the first time !!! And my excitement still hasn’t gone down even though it’s been a few days, maybe weeks back.

In fact, iceclimbing combines all the elements I enjoy – mountains, snow, ice, climbing, adrenaline and performance & physical activity. 

I don’t even know where to start.

Let’s talk abour the adrenaline. The ice can whenever break, and you end up on the ground no matter whether someone is belaying you or not. When it comes to physical activity, there’s a lot of pressure especially on your forearms and back, but when climbing – as well as in the traditional rock climbing – the calves and thighs are working hard too. Of course, the brain works the most because it’s completely overloaded with adrenaline. Heart beats at 120 beats per minute. And I’m not even talking about the feeling when you get to the top, with two ice axes in your hands and your legs are shaking. I wanted to cry up there. 

It was definitely not the last time I tried ice climbing. But now I have to give it a break for half a year. Till the next winter I will be practicing on the wall – I have already bought a rope, a new harness and an ATC and I hope I will do climbing instead of my regular gym routine at least once a week. I used to climb quite a bit when I was youger because I come from a climbing family. But as I got older and the duties came, the climbing frequency fell to zero. My relatives are dedicated to traditional rock climbing, I – as you may have already noticed – aim higher. 


Ice-climbing selfie
ice climbing selfie