Fitness breakfast in Sokolovna

Hey guys! 

After several years of cooking my breakfast every morning at home, I have to say that I really enjoy having breakfast somewhere outside of my apartment. I have a couple of favorite cafés and one of them is the Sokolovna Průhonice, because I’ve been kinda picky lately. I’m probably getting old haha:) Anyways, I would never skip my morning scrambled eggs, so I only choose restaurants where they serve them. An acai bowl doesn’t really satisfy me. At the same time, I really care about kind staff. For a long time, I’ve been going to Phill’s Corner in Holešovice, where they had great food there and it was close. But in the last month, they replaced all the original employees, and now, not a single waiter would say hi to me. Last time I went there, I waited for an hour for scrambled eggs and the café was half empty. Well, since then, I haven’t been there there and I will never go there again. Just so you know how important these things are to me and why I am capable of driving 40 minutes to the other side of Prague just to have breakfast, hahaha 🙂

So if you’re same as me, be sure to visit this place and have eggs with roastbeef and Dutch sauce. <3 That’s my favorite! I went with my mom this time, because we haven’t been seeing each other so much lately because of my travels and her work, so we had to meet at 7am haha:)

P.S. That French toast is not mine !!! Hahahahha!

And what about you guy? What’s your favorite breakfast? :))