Fur & ribbons

Hey guysssss! 

Kisses from Moshi, which most of you probably don’t know where it is. I’m just somewhere in the middle of Africa, resting after the Christmas expedition to Kilimanjaro. I have millions of pictures, so it’ll take me a while to go through all of them, so I’m gonna make you wait a bit, haha:)

In the meantime, here’s another outfit post back from Prague, which we shot the day before my departure. The whole outfit is composed from my favorite brand Dorothy Perkins, which you can find on Zoot.cz and you’ll find all the links below the pictures, as usually 🙂 I have to say that I totally fell in love with faux fur coats and now I own about five of them, haha:)

I hope you are all enjoying Christmas as much as I am <3



Everything – Dorothy Perkins