Hey guys!

So this is how our last shooting ended up. We didn’t believe the weather forecast and we got a bit (a lot) wet. Luckily, we were almost done, when it started raining, but Martin was sooo mad at me, that he had to shoot some pictures of me in the rain haha!

I never thought I would go out in sweat suit and I would even feel great in it! When it comes to the material, it reminds me of a sweat suit a lot, haha!

Anyways, I’ve been working on the vlog from Kilimanjaro for a few days now, but I’ve got so much footage, that it’s gonna take a bit more. I have my big final exam at school, so I’m gonna be burried in books for the next few days, so apologies for not posting that much :)))


Knit set – Zara
Shoes – Puma
Cap – Reserved