Many faces, one skin

In cooperation with Yves Rocher

Hey everyoneeeee! 

You have certainly noticed the fantastic Yves Rocher campaign on my Instagram, and if not, I’ll give you an idea of what it was about, because I’ve been very excited about it! Yves Rocher has come up with the Hydra Végétal series, which is supposed to hydrate your skin and which is absolutely perfect for me because I struggle with dry skin especially in the mountains quite a lot.

The idea of ​​the campaign is “hundreds of expressions, but only one face”, which we must take care of and hydrate it. Unfortunately, I’ve felt like this didn’t apply to me because my skin has been almost perfect, but lately, I found out that especially I have to hydrate my skin because of my mountain trips.

For this occasion, these photos were created. They basically show all of my expressions. Also, as part of this campaign, there was a competition and I hope you guys participated in it, because the prizes were incredible! I would like to win those prizes too, haha!:) 

And what about you guys? How much do you take care of your skin? 🙂 And would you guess all my expressions?:)