Packing for KILIMANJARO!


Heyyyy travelers!

So those of you, who read my articles regularly, already know, which destination I’m after this time!

And those of you, who don’t know, I’m gonna tell you now! I’m going to KILIMANJARO !!!!!! I’ve been dreaming about it, but I never knew I would go there so soon.

One day in November, I was looking for a place to spend Christmas, and by accident I found awesome flights to Tanzania with the Emirates. So I didn’t hesitate, called my mom, and she didn’t even let me tell her the destination, and yelled into the phone: “GET THEM!”

So we bought them. About a week later, we started planning the program and found out (not that we didn’t know before, hahaha) that Kilimanjaro was actually in Tanzania.

Well, so we figured out that we would like to celebrate Christmas Eve on the highest peak of Africa, measuring 5,895 meters. We started googling and found out, that it was actually possible.

And so it happened that on December 17th I was running around my apartment, packing for the biggest expedition in my life so far. I was going through quite hysterical moments, followed by an incredible excitement, and then again by a depression that I won’t make it to the top. The fact, that one of my vertebra is cracked and a few millimeters misaligned doesn’t really help the situation. At this moment, I have an inflammation in my bladder and burned legs with infection. 

So far, I’m just writing about what I’ve packed, but I still have no idea if I packed it correctly because I’m sitting at the airport in Dubai, and have no idea what’s waiting for me out there. 

I packed: 

  1. Tent (I own an expedition “Flame” by Husky)
  2. Sleeping bag (from Salewa, but I’m probably going to be cold at the top because it’s only till -5 degrees, but I don’t have another one)
  3. Mat (I have the inflatable Karimor)
  4. 65L backpack from Fjällräven 
  5. 35L backpack from Vaude for one-day peak accent from base camp
  6. Trekking sticks (the best ones from Leki!)
  7. Two pairs of hiking boots (high-top & gore-tex from nubuku leather for some hardcore trekking, they’re called Garmont Dakota Lite GTX and one lighter ones for the rainforest)
  8. Gaters (Gore-tex ones from Black Diamond)
  9. Crampons (I took them out in the end because walking on the glacier is not going to happen)
  10. Stove (which I also took out because we will have a cook in the expedition that will take care of all the food)
  11. Bowl
  12. Knife
  13. Lots of chocolate (the rest is not in the picture, but I’m really equipped with all kinds of chocolate & bars)
  14. Thermocup
  15. Thermos (The best one from Salewa!)
  16. Water bottle (from my favorite brand Primus)
  17. Camera and 3 lenses (I ain’t going anywhere without my Canon! Haha)
  18. Gopro and Electronic Stabilization
  19. 3 T-shirts (these will be needed in the rainforest on the first and second day, where the temperature is around 30°C)
  20. 1 long-sleeve woolen shirt (I have a new one from Milet, so I’ll test it and give a report about it!)
  21. Fleece hoodie (from Fjällräven)
  22. Underpants (I have ones from Peak Performance for the biggest cold in the world, they are designed for skitouring)
  23. Trekking pants (I have ones from Fjällräven, they’re called Keb trousers)
  24. Gore-Tex Pants (Ones from Peak Performance from the latest collection)
  25. Lightweight jacket (I own an orange one by Fjällräven from the Bergtagen collection)
  26. Waterproof jacket (I own one from Peak Performance used for skitouring)
  27. Raincoat (will be needed in the rainforest, where it rains 350 days a year)
  28. 3 pairs of socks made of merino wool (which don’t get stinky for 3 days, already tested! Hahaha:)
  29. Underwear
  30. Neck scarf
  31. 2 pairs of gloves (one superwarm from Milet, and one thinner from Peak Performance)
  32. Headband and beanie
  33. Headlamp (from Petzl)
  34. Sunglasses (my beloved Clubmasters by RayBan and another ones from Meller, because as a proper blogger I need two pairs, right?! Hahaha)
  35. Fast-drying towel
  36. The most powerful power bank I found (I think it’s about 40,000 mAh, but it also weighs half a kilo, haha)
  37. Flask with Caribbean rum (!)
  38. Pills against malaria (three weeks before I left, I received a vaccination against yellow fever, jaundice and typhus) And last but not least, EXCITEMENT! (I’m taking that one to the cabin luggage!)

Anyways, the problem is that after climbing Kilimanjaro, we are moving on safari and then we’re celebrating New Year’s on Zanzibar, so I do have to pack for that too, but there is no more room, so I’m probably gonna be walking around the desert in hiking boots and on the beach in the gore-tex jacket).

If someone is interested in the specific product, let me know in the comments and try to find it 🙂

I’m sure I’ll write a lot of other articles on how this is going on, so stay tuned, guys! <3