Pants for $15

Hey everyone! 

You won’t believe how happy I was, when I fit into an XS-size pants in Zara. I honestly believe this happened just because of the high-waist cut, but I still almost went crazy when I discovered these pants – of course the last pair and in sale for about 400CZK.

However, my weight reached an unacceptable limit yesterday when I stood on the scale in the evening and it showed me 62 kilos (while being 170 cm tall), which I didn’t even have when I returned from the USA after a year and a half. Sure, some of it are muscles, but I can’t wear shorts (which I would appreciate in those thirty degrees) or a even miniskirt. I don’t even fit in my favorite pieces and that drives me crazy!

Coincidentally, we were shooting my fashion show with Martin yesterday, and we agreed to a challenge. Given that Martin is about the same weight as me, being almost 2 meters tall, and starring at dumbbells in his room doesn’t help him to gain muscles, we have made a bet. Whoever will end up with a bigger difference in the weight at the end of this year, won. And whoever loses, he/she will have to wear an outfit that will be chosen by the winner. We have also laid down quite harsh conditions for wearing this outfit. He/she will have to go to a fancy restaurant, through the Na Prikopech street, to school and the Stream office. I can’t wait to see Martin in my pink dress with flamingos hahahaha!

But I have to win first. So stay tuned for updates, I’m starting today! 🙂



Pants – Zara
T-shirt – Zara
Handbag – Zara
Hat – Tonak
Leather Jacket – Bershka
Shoes – Puma