Racing at Gotthard Pass


Hey adventurers!

The Gotthard Pass (2,106 m) is known to everyone pretty well I think, so there is no need to introduce this Swiss King of passes any further.

We drove through Gotthard Pass in the evening at a crazy pace. I have a SPORT mode on my car, which I turned on for more fun. Cutting corners at this time of the day is a great experience, because you don’t have to be stuck behind one “enjoyer” that causes a two-kilometer convoy. However, the second reason for going so fast was the fact that we were looking for a place to sleep. There were basically two options – the Gotthard Pass or the Furka Pass, which is another hour of driving from Gotthard. We weren’t even considering a different option other than a pass because of the fantastic views. We weren’t sure about the conditions for pitching a tent, so we wanted to get to both places during daylight. 

Kuba has slept on Furka Pass a few years ago, so he knew exactly, where to set up the tent, but I wanted to try Gotthard.

When we arrived at Gotthard, no place was good enough for us – there are power lines everywhere. After all, we are very keen on having a nice view from the tent. The rocky terrain didn’t make it easier either.

After ten minutes of driving back and forth, we gave up and headed towards Furka Pass. It was totally dark when we arrived at Furka. However Kuba knew exactly where we were going. But more about wildcamping at Furka Pass next time, since this magical pass deserves its own article.