Squats, squats and squats


Hey everyone!

Today’s Monday, so that means Motivation Monday is here! This time it’s more about exercising than food.

Recently, I’ve changed my training program a bit, because I have a feeling, that my body wouldn’t move on to a better level. I decided to try a trainig plan, where there is a lot less exercises, than usually, done with less reps, but in more sets. Hopefully I will strenghten parts (like shoulders or calves), that I’ve been skipping quite often. 
Yesterday’s workout looked like this:

Sumo squats 6x
Romanian Deadlifts 8x

Calf Raises 8x
Bench Step-ups 20x

First there are squats, that are done in 10 sets (that means 10×6 reps) with about 45 seconds of rest. The dead lifts are done alongside with calf raises and at the end there are step-ups for the finish. The number of reps is really low, so be sure to adapt the weight. For the step-ups you can use a lighter weight because there is more reps. All the exercises are done extremely slowly, which is new to me as well. For example when doing the squats, you go about 5 seconds down and 2 seconds up.

Well, honestly, I can’t feel my legs!