Still in love with San Diego

Hey guys! 

Kisses from my most favorite city in the world! 

I fell in love with San Diego three years ago, when I spent a few days here as a part of a roadtrip around the USA. And those few days were enough for me to promise myself not just to come back someday, but also to live here. And since that time I dream about moving here. 

This was my second time here and it was just for a day, but it strengthened my opinion about being the most beautiful city on Earth. The chilled mood is all around this place, it’s always 28°C, sunny, the city itself is super-clean and all the beaches are really close. That’s why. 

And what about you guys, what’s your favorite city in the world? Do you have any? Tell me! <3 


P.S. The first picture, that’s Cheetos. I have a feeling, that you won’t be able to tell hahaha:) Anyways, I’m not a big fan of chips & other salty unhealthy snacks (I’ll rather have a doughnut or something), but who doesn’t know Cheetos, has to give them a try! I think the only place to get them in Prague, is CandyStore. Let me know what you think about them, I’d love to know if I’m the only one weird here haha:)))