Striped suit

Hey everyone! 

So I hope you enjoyed my articles from Switzerland! Ufff I was pretty exhausting to write such long articles, but I had to tell you all just in case you to decide to do the same or a similar journey. I’m always very excited when someone writes me, that they are going someplace I wrote about, because that’s what my blog is for! To inspire people!:)

So now for a moment, I’ll go back to my normal life! Today I will be very brief because I’m sitting on a train from Prague to Třeboň and I have just an hour.

You’re probably already aware of my obsession with suits and even this time I couldn’t resist this one from Bershka! 🙂 I bought shorts as well hahaha:) 

Gotta go, the next article will be from Třeboň :)))



Suit – Bershka
Shoes – Reserved
Hanbag – Reserved
Sunglasses – RayBan
Crop top – Can’t remember (bought in Australia)