Terrible week

Hey guys! 

I’ll really brief for today, because my week has been crazy! 

I got my car towed on Monday (without right according to me!!!), I can’t remember anything from Tuesday’s Matoma’s concert, because I got drunk after like 3 years, I was feeling really sick on Wednesday and my MacBook broke today, so I was running around, trying to find a place, where they’d fix it as soon as possible. Awesome week. But it’s all good, because I’m packing my stuff and leaving to the mountains tomorrow. I chose Mala Fatra again and since the weather is pretty nice right now, I’ll try to sleep in a tent right on the summit of Krivan. 

Speaking of which, I’m starting to plan my summer trips, but I don’t think I’ll go somewhere far. I’ll probably have to postpone Nepal, but most likely I’ll be faithful and go back to the mountains, this time to Georgia and Italy. Also, I might be able to plan my climb to Mt Blanc. But I’m all over school right now, because I’m having the first part of my state exams, so I’m starting to switch from salads to chocolate and water to strong coffee:( 

Anyways, I gotta go, have a great rest of Thursday guys! 


Coat – Primark
Shoes – Timberland
Pants – Zara
Sweater – C&A
Handbag – Zara
Beanie – Primark