The dress, for which I spent my last money

Hey everyone!

I have one habit. Whenever I go abroad, I get a souvenir that would remind me of the destination for a long time. Nothing special, huh? But to tell the truth, some keychains are not my kind of a thing, so the last day in that destination I just go to a clothing store (local’s better) and just buy something to wear. I did not bring just one souvenir from Budapest, but two. Two dresses from Cos, for which I spent my last money (hihi). Literally. My account was totally empty. I don’t usually do that, I mean spending lots of money on expensive clothes, but I just could not leave them there.

I know that these dresses can be definitely found in their Prague store, but if I bought them in Prague, they wouldn’t have such a meaning for me.

And maybe you are interested in the other dress I discovered in the “last pieces” section and even in my size. You can find them on my Instagram because I put them on right after I bought them and proudly wore them for the rest of the afternoon. It’s the green shirt dress. 

And what you guys? Do you also buy a souvenir from your trips? :)))

Have a beautiful sunny day!


Dress – Cos
Shoes – Reserved
Handbag – FEZ (via
Scarf – my mom’s
Watch – Nicole Vienna