007 Elements – futuristic museum of James James Bond

007 elements

Hello guys!

I’m not sure this article will find its readers. Museum lovers will be disappointed because the Bond Museum is not a museum in the traditional sense. And people who are generally not fans of museums don’t even open this article.

Well, believe me, I’d fall into the second category since I’ve only been to two museums in my entire life – the Paris Louvre and the New York MoMA.

007 Elements is not just any museum. It’s a unique structure on the top of Mount Gaislachkogl (3.048 m.n.).

Have you ever been to a museum which is at 3,000 meters above sea level?

Another thing which is unique about 007 Elements. And why is it located right here? Because one of the Spectre scenes was filmed right here on Gaislachkogl. Near the museum building, in the rock, you’ll find the Land Rover Defender in the state it ended up in after the shooting.

Inside you’ll find amazing stuff connected to the movies that that is impossible to describe. The installation that totally got me was the “behind the scenes”, showing how some of the movie shots were made. On a screen, you could watch the same scene with the different layers of computer edits, so you could see how the explosions were made, how they added thousands of people to a street, etc. Of course, part of the installation is the famous plane that Bond flew through the wooden house.

Even though entry is quite expensive, it’s certainly a must-do if you’re around Sölden. The basic ticket does not include a cable car ride (they also have a combined ticket) and is booked for a specific time, since the interior has limited capacity. The tour will take you about an hour.

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