11 most commont fashion faux-pas

Hey guys!

So this is how my outfit looked like just a few minutes before I dirtied it with the yoghurt dressing from my kebab that I had to buy because I didn’t have time for anything healthy, hahah:) The dressing got on shoes too, in case you were wondering, haha:) I bet you can tell, how hungry and grumpy I am in the photos!

Anyway, in one of our previous articles, I asked you guys if you have any ideas for articles that would cover fashion and I really liked the one Misa suggested (Misa thank you! :)). She wanted me to write an article about  the most common faux-pas, and I thought it was a great idea since I just talked about this topic on a lecture I held last week at the University of Economics.

So let’s get to it! Here’s the 11 most common faux-pas I see every day on the streets:

  1. Pantyhose in open shoes. I see that every day. Pantyhose are worn in combination with shoes that cover toes ONLY. If you wanna wear sandals or peep toes, don’t wear pantyhose:)
  2. Uncut pockets and vents on blazers and coats. A lot of people don’t even know this, but the pockets and vents are usually sewn up in the stores, so these seams must be cut, when you’re ready to wear it.
  3. Too short skirt on formal events. If you’re about to go to a theater, ball or just an important meeting at work, your skirt/dress should be at least of knee-length. If it’s shorter, the whole outfit looks too provocative and inappropriate.
  4. Label on shoe soles. A lot of people actually tend to forget to take it off. What is worse, are the leftovers, when you try to take the label off but you realize that it wouldn’t come off:) It’s most visible on heels.
  5. Visible underwear. If you buy a backless summer top or homecoming dress, forget about your bra. You shouldn’t wear a bra to these tops and it applies to those gel “invisible” straps as well. They’re not invisible. Everyone can see them. So if you can’t go out without a bra, just don’t buy those backless tops:))
  6. Shiny pantyhose. The only reason they started making those, is because skirts get stuck on regular pantyhose because of static electricity, which doesn’t happen when you wear the shiny ones, but when you wear do, it looks like you just had an oil bath.
  7. “Disconnecting” buttons on your shirt/blouse. The shirt should never be that tight and when breathing in, the buttons shouldn’t move at all. Shirt is one of those pieces, that should fit you perfectly, so be sure to try it on before you buy it. And when one fits you, I recommend buying two or three. I’m obsessed with white shirts and I love those by Gant, so you’d find about 15 same white shirts by Gant in my closet, haha:)
  8. Platforms. It depends on the occasion, but in 99% of the cases, platforms look kinda cheap. That doesn’t apply to Fashion Weeks and other fashion events, but it’s inappropriate to wear them to a ball or office.
  9. Not respecting the dress-code on formal events.That means when you go to a formal ball and the dress code is “black tie”, you should wear long evening dress and not cocktail dress. There is many other rules that are connected to every dress-code (like the length of dress, covering shoulders, open shoes, clutches and so on).
  10. White socks in black shoes and black socks in white shoes. It’s better to wear socks in the same color as the shoes, because these contrasty combinations don’t look good at all. 
  11. Leggings instead of pants. LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS!!!! They’re a kind of pantyhose, and I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t go out in pantyhose and t-shirt either. The reason guys like it, is because they can see your butt and every guy likes to see that I guess. It’s pretty ironic, that leggings are mostly worn by girls who shouldn’t wear them:( 

But as said earlier, it really depends on the occasion for which you’re dressing. Different rules apply for example to fashion events, where you’re trying to show your creativity and there are no rules. However, if you’re heading to school, work or ball, try to avoid these things:) 

Well and if you’re still kinda lost in fashion, I’ll give you guys one more advice: The simpler, the better. This way you have quite a big chance to avoid these faux-pas. Sometimes, blue jeans and a white t-shirt is more than a bad combination of patterns & colors!:) 

So guys, I hope this article was at least a little bit contributive for you and you liked it! 🙂 

Is there anything from above you didn’t know and that is new to you? And what is the worst faux-pas you’ve seen on the street? :))) 



Dress – Reserved
Coat – Zara
Bag – Chanel
Shoes – Zara