A little bit of black & white

Hey guys! 

It has been a few months, when I last wore a black and white combination! I don’t know why, but lately I found B&W somehow boring (even though it doesn’t have to be that at all 🙂 

Last week, I was looking at a new collection in Zara, which is really beautiful by the way, but I got shirty as hell. I even said to myself that I’d never go there again. I know there not a chance to keep this promise, but I wanna write about it at least. I got mad because all the things are incredibly overpriced and there are threads hanging from the bottoms of every single piece. Half of the buttons are already gone, the seams are stitched in a askew way and the fabric so thin that everything except winter coats is transparent. I have never experienced such low quality in any other store. Same with food. You order a salad for 200CZK, and they’ll bring you a couple of green leaves. You buy a cell phone, as soon as you drop it, it breaks. You crash a car lightly and it’s completely destroyed due to poor quality of materials. Does this seem normal to you guys?!

I’ve been really mad about these things recently, so I’m sorry I had to drop it here. 

Have a great Monday!



Top – Karl Lagerfeld
Blazer – Forever21
Pants – H&M
Shoes – Vans (via Zoot.cz)
Bag – Paul’s Boutique (via Zoot.cz)