Having fun with Škoda cars

In cooperation with Škoda Auto

Hey guys!

Long time no see! Apologies for such a long pause in writing, I’m a bit unable to work these days. I’ll explain everything when I won’t be unable to work haha:)) 

However, I have to share this experience with you guys. About two weeks ago, I spent two unbelievable days with Skoda Auto and met some super-cool people, such as Nikol Štíbrová, Jitka Nováčková and Andrea Bezděková (so I was in a constant siege of beautiful women and models! haha:))). This event was organized for the occassion of the new facelift Fabia introduction, which by the way looks absolutely amazing.

I still don’t understand how it is possible, but in two days we have done so many things! Here is a brief report of what we’ve done with the girls. We started at DigiLab in Holesovice, where everything is basically born. A few presentations about projects supported by Skoda Auto took place there. I was really pleased when I heard about HoppyGo. I told you about this start-up a few months ago and even tested it personally. At that time HoppyGo was still at the beginning and today it is one of the most successful projects, which makes me incredibly happy! 🙂

Then we went to Mladá Boleslav, where everything is really made. We took the new cars and on the way there we tested what it does. I was most excited about the adaptive cruise control that I don’t have in my car. I wish I had it tho, it’s such a practical thing! As girls – who always sing in the car – we also tested the speakers, which were approved too because we spent the whole hour by singing and didn’t even think about  turning it down, haha:)

Then we went to the museum in Boleslav, where we only exchanged our cars and hopped into super-cool veterans. When I saw the 1961 turquoise Felicia, it was love at first sight, so you can only guess which one I took, haha:) <3 

We drove to the Mlada Boleslav airport where another veteran was waiting for us. This time it wasn’t a Felicia, but a plane older than my grandmother, which looked like it could never fly. Well it did. The pilot got the impression that we were all brave and made a few drops with us. I’m not sure how about the others, but I saw myself dead. So when we landed safe & sound and were rolling out, we all had a pretty unhealthy color  and were glad to be back on the ground. Alive. Hahaha:) 

We finally got back to Prague, where this awesome event ended.

I’m always so excited when I see our beautiful cars on the road all over the world! And even in countries where I would have never expected them. Like Iceland or Turkey. I saw tons of Skoda cars in Sweden and Norway, but I have seen a couple of them even in Dubai or Israel! 🙂 Well, no wonder, it’s a Czech icon! Along with Jagr and our beer! Hihi :))))

And I wonder if any of you have a Skoda car at home? :))))