An article about self-esteem

Hey everyone!

Today I would like to write about self-confidence and the things that are related to it. I had the opportunity to think about it a little, and I myself realized a few things.

Even if it doesn’t look like it, I’m one of those people who do NOT have confidence. And somehow, I guess, all this – blog, nice clothes, constant travelling – is actually a pretense.

I’ve found out that most people like me (some sort of influencers, as what they call them today), suffer from this “syndrome”. I’ve got to know a lot of internet people recently and they all show the same symptom, which is simply low self-confidence. And now the question is, whether these people, including me, had low self-confidence before Instagram even started or it’s the consequence of the internet and regular revealing their privacy to the public.

I would say that because of traveling and regular escapes into the mountains, I still have a good advantage in the fact that this Internet world hasn’t completely swallowed me, but I’ve begun to feel it more and more lately. What do you think that happens to a non-confident girl when something fails? If she doesn’t pass her state exam? When the only guy she wants isn’t absolutely interested? She gets depressed. Because in this internet world, where we actually chase our egos on Instagram daily, and we try to fight our low self-confidence by letting others compliment on our photos, outfits, makeup and bodies, we are not used to dealing with situations when something goes wrong . We are not able to respond to failure. And that’s the problem. Maybe it’s a problem of today’s influencers, maybe just non-confident people, but maybe also the whole generation of millennials, as Simon Sinek said in one of his speeches. 

And do you know why we can’t react to failures? Because the Internet shows us all the successful, beautiful and perfect people, but it doesn’t show us the other side. So, we have the impression that what we see on the Internet is normal. And on the contrary, the failures are not common in this world, so how do we know how to deal with them? How are we supposed to know that we’re not the only ones who fail from time to time? 

It’s necessary to realize this and not to let the Internet and social networks swollen us completely. Of course, the internet gave us much more than it took, but we should still live in reality rather than some kind of a perfection. I just wanted to remind you guys. Someone had to remind me too, because I started to forget about it lately. 

Have a great Friday! 


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