How does my regular day look like?

Hey guys! 

Have you noticed that 90% of my outfits contain a white shirt? Hahaha, I just did and I can really say, that a white shirt really is my favorite piece of my closet. I love those by Gant, because of the cut and material, which is high quality and thick. I hate when you can see my bra underneath my white shirt, haha:) 

Anyways, I got a lot of messages, liking the “new” style of my articles – longer and more about me & my life, so I decided to make more time for writing them and answering all your questions in those articles. Finally I have more time for my blog in general, so I’d love to tell you a bit more about myself. A get a lot of questions about what I actually do all day long, since I don’t have a regular job, like normal people. I’ll try to sum it up to one article, however it’ll be pretty hard, since every day is different, haha:) 

The thing is, I hate stereotype and I already know, that hopefully I will never work in an office of a huge corporate. It’s ironic, because I worked in a law firm for three years and when I came there, I remember admiring all those lawyers and wanting to be like them. They’re successful, intelligent, make a lot of money and have respectable job. But as time went, I realized that it’s not so awesome as it looked like. They get up every morning at exactly same time, drive the same way to work, eat lunch in the same restaurant, they come home exhausted and don’t have time & energy for anything else. 

Well, true, I don’t have a stable job and stable income, but my day is usually exciting, chaotic and very productive. I get up at different times every day. When I lead the circuit trainings, I get up at 5.45am. Now, when Vojta is in Portugal, it’s all on me, so I get up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday that early. If I don’t have these group trainings, I have individual trainings in my gym, so I can get up a bit later, because my gym is like 5 minutes from my apartment. And if I don’t have any trainings, I go to school. Thursdays I start at 9.15am, so I get up around 7.45am. And if I don’t have anything in the morning, I sleep till 11, which happens usually once a week. I plan the rest of the day according to the trainings. I’m more of a evening trainer, so most of my sessions are late afternoon or evening. So in average, I spend around 2 hours in the morning and 4 to 6 hours in the afternoon in the gym. 

And in between, that’s the productive part. I write articles, take pictures, shoot my show, have meetings, study and write essays for school. And all of the above can’t be done without my favorite chill music (by the way, I’m almost done with the February playlist!). I have to jam my own workout to that time as well and it happens quite often, that I have to do my workout when the gym is closed, because I train till 10pm, so it’s not an exception when I come home around midnight. 

My weekends are a bit better and even though I train people on the weekends as well, there is a lot less of them. Usually we shoot my show on the weekends, but when everything goes right, I go somewhere, because an active rest is the best rest for me! I’m pretty hyperactive, so the mountains usually win. 

I would never replace my chaotic style of life with boring office job. I hate to be bored, so at least this doesn’t let me get bored at all!:) 

So that’s all about my regular day! If you have any more questions, let me know in the comments, and I’ll try to answer them all!:) 
Have a lovely Monday, 


Skirt – Reserved
Shirt – Gant
Coat – Boohoo
Handbag – Reserved
Shoes – Zara