And what exactly do you do?

Hey guys! 

I’m not the youngest anymore, but you know how it is … Your age depends on how you feel. And I still feel like being 21! And totally coincidence (hahaha) the whole outfit is from Forever 21! :)) You’ve asked me a lot about the shoes, so now you finally know!:))) 

Anyways, this week will be a little hectic (just like any other:D). Which reminds me of a quite funny conversation I had with Martin last week, when he asked me: “And what exactly do you actually do all day long?” At first I thought he was kidding, but then I realized that I wasn’t even able to explain what I actually do, because I didn’t sit anywhere in an office and my job is not stereotype at all. Every day I do something different. So I thought you might wanna know too:)

This weekend I was busy with FitMood at the food market. Everything was prepared and cooked on Friday. I went to bed at 3am, I got up around 5am to be ready on the spot by 7am. I got home around 8pm. We wanted to go celebrate another successful day, but at half past twelve at night, we looked like zombies and didn’t even make it out of my apartment, haha:)

On Sunday, as a big fan of tennis, I went to see Laver Cup, so that was my rest time. I actually don’t remember when the last time I had a free Sunday was.

Monday I spent by working, meaning returning all the tents, tables, etc., by digging through e-mails, cutting videos and writing articles. In the afternoon, I had 4 training sessions and from 9 to 11, I did my own workout, so I got home by 11, where a handful of dishes was waiting for me. I passed out at 1:00am.

This morning I first went to school, where I was supposed to be two weeks ago. Originally I was not supposed to be there the third week either, but I moved the trip to Grossglockner to Wednesday, because I had the impression that they would kick me out if I didn’t show up the third week either. In the evening, I’ll go to the MaxMara fashion show in Rudolfinum, which I’m really looking forward to!

I’m starting my Wednesday morning with 4 workouts in a row, then move either home or to Hub to finish some articles and finally work on the website, which is still in preparation. Writing and preparing an article is actually no fun, I gotta tell you that! Everyone thinks it’s all done in an hour, but I usually spend about 7-9 hours per day working on my blog. For example it takes about 15 hours to create a travel article. And then some idiot tells me, that bloggers are just dumb girls, who just take selfies, because they have nothing else to do. This really makes me mad. 

Anyways, I’m mostly free on Thursday morning, but from 2:00pm to 10:15pm I have to be in the gym, where I have a regular shift as a trainer, but I have to find someone else for this Thursday, because I’m leaving for Grossglockner on Thursday morning, returning on Sunday.

On Saturday I usually go to my mom’s and sometimes help her with arranging her new house. On Sundays we usually shoot MM the whole day with Martin, but not on this weekend. 

As I’m reading it, it looks like not that much stuff to do, but imagine that you shoot photos several times a week, you have to eat sometimes, sometimes you have to do something for school, sometimes (ok, every day:D) you have to work out, then have a couple of meetings, sometimes I need to take care of my apartment since I live just by myself, sometimes I should also see my friends who are already angry with me that I don’t see them at all, and right now, I’m actually redoing my apartment office. Now, there are tons of stuff going on with FitMood, and you can’t imagine how many things you need to do if you wanna run your own business! 

Now imagine what happens if I go somewhere for 4 days, let’s say into the mountains, where there is no signal, not speaking about the internet. This whole program moves to the next week and I’m screwed. 

Sometimes I wish a day had 40 hours. Or how awesome would it be if we didn’t have to sleep at all. Do you know how many things we would do, if we didn’t spend 1/3 of the day in bed?! Hahaha

So yeah, that’s all from me now, I see that this article is getting to be too long, so I better end it, haha:))) 



Everything – Forever 21