At a hairdresser after a year

Hey guys!

So I was at a hairdresser after a year, and like every year, I immediately informed him that I need to shorten my hair in a way no one would tell that my hair is shorter. I have a trauma from hairdressers, because I’m always scared that I won’t like it. This happened to me just once and it wasn’t his fault at all, haha. I told him I wanted to a change and to make it a lot shorter. I showed him a picture of exactly how I wanted it to look, so the hairdresser cut my hair exactly as shown, but I didn’t realize, that I would look like an idiot with any kind of short hair, hahaha!:) 

But since then, I’m just afraid. This time I was at my mum’s hairdresser, Michal, at the Michelangelo salon at Wenceslas Square, and I must say he did a great job! Do you know how you always say you just want to cut the ends and they cut off 15 cm of your beloved hair? That’s not what happened to me this time, because Michal understood that I had been trying to grow my hair long for a few years, so he cut off about 5 cm. In addition, he lightened the ends in a way, that nobody would notice that it’s lighter. 

So let’s see, would you guys notice? :))

Anyways, as far as my outfit goes, the bandana around my neck (which none of my friends like, and I had to face comments asking me why I’m trying to look like a sailor, hahaha:) I got that idea from my favorite Swedish blogger Janni. Do you know her????? If not, be sure to check out her blog at, it’s great! <3 I don’t wear any jewelry, so I think a bandana is a great alternative. 

Oh and by the way, the photos were taken by my mom, so that’s why they’re all blurry! Hahaha :DDDD Thanks mom! 😀

Have a great day, guys! 



Coat – Primark
Pants – H&M
Top – Reserved
Shoes – Reserved
Bag – Ojju (via
Bandana – New Yorker