This year’s Christmas destination


Guess what I did yesterday! Apart from the fact that I was doing a big cleaning of my apartment for about 7 hours, perhaps the biggest cleaning in my apartment’s history, because I bought a new TV and I didn’t like how the new beautiful super-smart TV looked like around the mess, reminding an explosion of an atomic bomb. I’ve been living there for 6 years and I haven’t done any big changes till yesterday, so I decided to do a complete remake. I tore off all the curtains that I’ll later replace with roller blinds, threw out about four bags of stuff from expired Chinese soups to carpets, and painted the walls, messed up from my black leather handbags. 

In the evening, I sat down, turned on my laptop and bought some flight tickets! As a reward. And not just ordinary ones! I’m going away for Christmas and New Year! And I’m flying with Emirates! For the first time in my life I’m gonna fly with Emirates! I’ll leave the exact destination for myself, but I’ll tell you guys, at least, that I’m gonna be flying 26 hours with a transfer in Dubai. And in the destination I’m gonna climb the mountains, actually I’m gonna try to climb the highest mountain so far, as well as hang out on a beach. With turquoise water. And white sand. 

So guys, do you have any guesses yet? 



Coat – H&M
Pants – H&M
T-hirt – Karl Lagerfeld
Shoes – Puma
Handbag – Save My Bag