Bear coat

Hey guys! 

Are you all as happy about this fantastic weather as me? Well, I certainly am. And I somehow have the constant need to go out. 

Last month, I was 4 times in a theater, 3 times at a exhibition, 5 times in a movie theatre and about 7 times in a bar for a drink with friends. Which doesn’t do any good for my thesis, but I have so much time now! I never went anywhere because I used to leave my apartment at 6AM and come back around 10/11PM, totally destroyed from the day. And I always had to set a meeting with my friends a month ahead.

But now? I have all the time in the world. Before all this, I said to myself, that I would reserve two and a half months for writing my master’s thesis and it would be great because I wouldn’t have to take care of anything else except writing but I gotta tell you that after three weeks it got boring as hell. I’m a hyperactive person, and this is a hell for me 😀 

I’m really looking forward to working at 120% again! Haha:)

Have a wonderful Thursday!


Coat – Zara
Pants – Mango
Shoes – CCC
Top – Zara
Headband – H&M
Glasses – H&M