What I eat in a day

Hey guys! 

I’ve promised an article about what I eat these days, so here it is! 🙂

I have to admit that I’m not on any special diet. I’m just trying to eat healthy and enough. My meals are completely different every day, but I shot all the food I ate in one day, which I spent at home so you can see the quantity and ingredients I use. 

In the morning, I try to provide my body with more carbs and in the afternoon I eat more protein and vegetables. 


…is the most important meals of the day, but…. If I plan to workout in the morning, I NEVER eat breakfast. In the article about my current training program, I stated that cardio is most effective when it’s done in the morning and without any food in the stomach, so when I know it’s my cardio day, I skip breakfast and start my day with a morning snack or sometimes even lunch. Also, when it’s a regular workout day, I’m having a hard time doing burpees with three eggs in my stomach, so I decided to skip food even before a regular training and replace it with BCAA, so wouldn’t burn muscles.
When it’s a rest day, or I workout in the afternoon, I usually eat eggs or sometimes sweet breakfast in the form of oatmeal with white yogurt and protein (don’t mix up oatmeals and muesli!!). The energy obtained from breakfast is about 350 kcal.

Morning snack

… should generally have a bit more carbs than that afternoon one. I usually starve around 11AM, so rather than “morning snack” and “lunch”, these meals should be called “first lunch” and “second lunch”. I start with this meal on a morning-workout day. 

Of course, the first lunch is half the portion of the second lunch, so it’s about 200-300 kcal. This time, I made udon noodles with flank steak, sesame and a little bit of barbecue sauce.


For me, lunch is the biggest meal I have every day. I usually have lunch around 2PM. At this time, the body needs to be fed with enough carbs to be kept from falling short of energy in the afternoon. As a source of carbs, I usually use basmati rice, which I love to the Moon and back and could eat it all day long.

This time I created a buddha bowl with chicken, rice, avocado, tomatoes, carrots, a some greens and mozzarella. The sauce is made from white yoghurt, tzaziki seasoning and a bit of water. Calorically we’re speaking about 500 kcal.

Afternoon snack

I made a pumpkin soup at home with a few drops of cream, olive oil and some pumpkin seeds. My recipe doesn’t contain anything else :)) I eat my afternoon snack around 5PM and this meals adds about 200 kcal to the total. 


I usually eat dinner around 8PM and it’s never a salad, as many diets suggest. 

This time I created another Buddha bowl with mixed seafood, a handful of rice, boiled broccoli and carrots and corn. Calories from such a meal gives the body another 400-500 kcal.

Evening snack

I usually go to bed between 1 and 2 in the morning (I get up later than most of the people), so I have cravings for something to eat. I pay my refrigerator a visit several times an evening, hoping to find a raspberry cheesecake there. I haven’t found it in the last month yet, so I usually have to settle for some vegetables and hummus, which is pretty low-cal (about 100 kcal), and it gives the metabolism something to do for the next few hours.

This evening snack takes place around 10/11PM, and it’s my last meal.

The last thing not mentioned yet is a couple of cups of coffee. Unfortunately, I still can’t get used to black coffee, so I drink cappuccino (100 kcal).

In total, all these meals give me about 2000 kcal. My basal metabolism is around 1200 kcal, and when I exercise I burn about 1000 kcal, so that means I’m at -200 kcal, which is the ideal for weight loss.

Unfortunately, not everybody has the same day routine as me, so for someone work something completely different, but this article should be taken as an inspiration for healthy meals and also as a lesson that starvation is not the right way to loose weight.