Hey travellers!

I found out that I suck as a blogger because I totally forgot to write an article from Split, which I visited with my mom right after my university graduation, that means at the end of September. I took her here for two days as a reward for being so patient with me while I was studying like crazy and also because she has never been here while I have (last year with Natalie, remember?). So it was like a ladies minitrip.

Split is definitely the best in the fall, because it’s still warm (around 28 degrees) and at the same time it’s not so crowded:) I would have liked to go even in October or November.

I have to admit that we didn’t get much out of those two days. We spent the first day in the city walking around & exploring sights (and there is a lot of them in Split!). On the second day, we just chilled by the hotel pool, beach, the hotel bar, got some massages, etc. 

When it comes to Croatia, I still have Dubrovnik on my bucket list, which my mom has already seen but I haven’t, so maybe in the spring I’d like to go there. Anyone wants to go with me? :)) 

And what about you guys? Have you been to Split? Did you like it?