How to combine a turtleneck

Hello everyone! 

Do you remember how a couple of months ago I participated in a challenge where I was supposed to combine a black blazer into a variety of outfits to show you how to wear a simple basic piece in an interesting way?

So now this challenge is happening again, but this time I’m combining a simple basic turtleneck top which is perfect for the fall! I love turtlenecks to the Moon and back and I wear it with pretty much everything, so here are three examples of how I would combine it in order to give you a little inspiration. So if you have similar pieces in your closet, you can dress similarly, or if you like my outfits so much that you want exactly the same one, you can buy everything – there are links at the end of each section:))

It would be great if you could let me know in the comments, which outfit you like the most/least! 


The combination of a turtleneck and a skirt has always looked good, looks good and will always look good no matter what. It’s a timeless combo that will never go out of fashion. It works well with heels as well as with sneakers. Well, and to make the outfit look not too boring and classy, I added a beret and ankle boots. But as I’m now looking at the pictures, my skirt is incredibly wrinkled from sitting all day, so sorry about that:( 


White top and black pants are maybe the classiest thing you can wear. When you choose a simple base, you can play a little with the details and choose an interesting handbag or add unusual socks to the sneakers, just as I did :)) The beige coat goes well with the golden buckle on the purse:) 


I have only recently discovered this trend and I love it so much that I wear it all the time. And it’s quite simple – you wear a shirtdress or a shirt, open the first one / two buttons, and underneath this dress or shirt you put a contrasting turtleneck top. Black and white combo works great, but I think other colors can look good too. Turtleneck in such an outfit replaces a scarf around your neck and it can even make you warm when just a  dress/shirt isn’t enough :))))

Now I’m super-curious which outfit you like the most????? Let me know in the comments below! 

Have a great Tuesday!