Christmas in Vietnam – Da Nang & Marble Mountains & Ba Na Hills

Hey guys! 

So, unfortunately, I couldn’t keep the promise that I’d add a new article every day, but I’m finally here with the last article from Vietnam! This time from the city of Da Nang, to which we actually arrived and flew from it back home too. We had enough time to explore it at the end of our journey.

If you find yourself in Da Nang, I would recommend two things that are definitely worth seeing around Da Nang. Marble Mountains and Ba Na Hills.

The most beautiful part of the city itself was the area around the Dragon Bridge, but otherwise it is a city like any other. We stayed in the hotel Val Soleil, which has great location, staff is super nice and in addition there is a rooftop pool overlooking the whole city.

The Marble Mountains are about 10 km away from the city. We didn’t have much time to solve the cheapest way to get there, so we chose the easiest way – cab. He got us to the mountains from our hotel in 20 minutes for about USD10 so we had the whole afternoon to explore those endless gardens, pagodas, and statues of buddha. Don’t forget that there is an entrance fee, but it is definitely worth it, this place is a must-see! Down the road you will find plenty of shops with the main souvenir – marble.

Ba Na Hills is located approximately 40 km from Da Nang and is accessible by a new three-lane road. We rented a scooter for this trip. It took about an hour to get there from out hotel in Da Nang. When it comes to Ba Na Hills, I had heard quite contradictory opinions. It’s not a natural mountain area, as it may seem at first. It is a huge artificial complex of something that can’t be fully described. The complex includes an amusement park, pagodas, sculptures, bridges, labyrinths, ponds, cable cars, restaurants and wine bars as well as stage shows and hotels. The whole complex was created in the old French style and serves I would say for fun. It’s an incredible kitsch, but on the other hand it’s quite spectacular. The entrance fee is quite expensive (I think about USD30), but you can easily spend a full day here. Do not miss the famous Golden Bridge:) If there’s something really cool, it’s the forest you can see from the cable car on the way up. 

So, you already have all the articles from Vietnam and now there is the video/vlog, which should be done in a couple of days! 🙂 I hope you are all looking forward to it! :)))

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments, I’d be happy to help with anything! <3 


All pictures were taken with Nikon Z6 + Nikkor 35 mm f1.4 or 24-75 f4.0