Dinner at Monarch Gastrobar

Hey guysssss!

So I’m back in Prague, but before writing about Germany, here’s a mini-article from this tapas bar called Monarch Gastrobar, located here, in Prague, which I was visited last week. It was a nice change from regular restaurants and who doesn’t know or has never had tapas, I would definitely recommend trying this place. Generally there is not many tapas bars in Prague and I remember how I loved tapas back in Malaga and Marbella, Spain. Also, we even managed to be there at the time, when some Spanish guy played the guitar and the whole evening was just great. We had octopus, calamaris, mushroom croquettes and bruschettas with bacon. Oh and they’ve got an excellent wine! 🙂

And what about you guys, do you like tapas? 🙂

Anyways, I did’t leave for the Alps today, as I was supposed to, because it’s raining there, so we moved the whole trip to mid-February and we’re gonna stay longer there:) I have the last exam tomorrow, so I’m studying right now, but I can’t wait for Thursday morning, when I wake up with the feeling that all the tests & exams are finally behind me! 🙂 this year’s exam period was endless, I’ve always had them done in mid-January and by the end of January I was already on some crazy trip. This time I only have a week off and then I have to go back to school again. But I have already set the school schedule for the next semester and thankfully it looks like I have just three more subjects to study and then there are the master’s degree examinations in May and after that, you can call me Mrs. engineer! 😀 Hahahaha 🙂

So anyways, have a great day guys and I’m going to stare at the textbook for a couple of more hours hahaa! 🙂