Wendelstein & Schliersee

Hey guyssss! 

As I promised, here are some photos from Munich! Well, I didn’t take any photos there, but I went to a trip to a mountain, which is about an hour away from Munich, and which is called Wendelstein (1838 m.n.m.) and located in the Bayer Alps. Actually, I was hoping for something like this, but even though there was not so much snow up there, I really enjoyed the trip and exploring new places is always fun!:) 

There is a cablecar for €22, that takes you up there. At the very top there is a small church and a restaurant where they sell the traditional German pretzels (hahaha, again it’s all about food). When the weather is nice, it’s possible to see several hundred kilometers far from there. 

The alternative was Zugspitze, which is about two hours away by car, but there was just the same amount of snow, the cablecar costs over 40 euros, and it’s more of a ski resort than view & chill place, so we decided for Wendelstein. I still wanna visit the Zugspitze sometimes, but maybe it would be better in summer, because there is a lot of hikes. 

On the way back to Munich we stopped by Lake Schliersee, which is only about 15 minutes from Wendelstein. It was all frozen and full of people skating. The ice was so thick, that people were riding bikes and quads on it!

So if you went to Munich and had about three hours of free time, be sure to make a trip there, the peak looks pretty even in summer! 🙂

And where are you guys planning on going? Or do you have any tips about where I would go and I explore it there and then write an article about it? 🙂 I will be grateful for any tips!

Have a great Thursday, guys!