Exploring the Czech Republic – a week in Krkonoše

Hey mountaineers! 

As you may have noticed on my Instagram, I wandered around the Krkonoše Mountains the whole last week. I’ve been successfully avoiding Czech mountains because I have always preferred higher mountains in Italy & Slovakia & Austria. But this year there was enough snow on our humble hills too, so I didn’t have to go far for a few photos and cool hikes.

The weather in the Krkonoše Mountains was so awesome that Sněžka looked more like Lapland than a 1600m hill. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to be where I enjoy it the most – the temperatures deep below zero, two meters of powder snow and cotton candy on a stick instead of trees. 

The photos were taken in different places, because I did a lot of hiking in the last few days, but most of the times I was crusing around Sněžka, Jelenka, Růžohorky, Luční Bouda and Výrovka. At the end of my trip, I headed for the “Stezka korunami stromů, which is basically a tower above the trees. 

Enjoy the pics!