Exploring the Czech Republic – snowshoeing to Klínovec

Hey mountaneers!

I hope you’re not tired of snow yet because I’m here with another article from the Czech mountains!

This time I went to the Krusne Mountains, where I was snowshoeing a bit. I went from Boží Dar to the top of Klínovec. Even though it was a Saturday, I didn’t see a single person around me on the way, because they were all packed on the slopes, which I’m not a big fan of lately. I like the silence and the freedom to move wherever I want. And that’s possible with snowshoes because unlike with regular boots, you don’t end up getting stuck somewhere and not being able to get out haha:)

I really took this trip as a purely sports activity, because the weather actually sucked. I was hit by a massive fog & snow storm, so the visibility was really low. Glad I had my compass with me, otherwise I would get lost in that dense forest immediately.

As for as snowshoeing goes, you often ask me what kind of snowshoes I have. I gotta disappoint you guys because snowshoeing isn’t really my thing. I prefer crampons. However, crampons are only suitable when the snow is frozen. Snowshoes are more suitable for powder and loose snow. But when it’s a powder day, a passionate skialpinist like me will definitely not go for snowshoes. In addition, the advantage of touring skiis is that you can go down the mountain after you climb it, which you can’t really do with snowshoes, so you have to walk down again. Which is pretty boring. So to answer the question, I rented them in Boží Dar. 🙂

And what about you guys? How do you feel about snowshoes? Have you ever tried them? :)))



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