Exploring the Czech Republic – insane race training

In cooperation with Cosmos Active


Time is running out and I’ll leaving for the biggest race in my life in less than six weeks. That is why I dedicate every opportunity to be outside and train as hard as I can. This time I found two free days so I went to Krkonose Mountains with a part of the team. We were gonna train some biking, navigating in a dense forest and hiking in a crazy pace. Both days it was raining continuously, which made it even more difficult for us (and our mood too). 

I’m still fighting with the bike because I have never paid such attention to cycling. We biked “only” 40 km, but we climbed over 2700 meters up and down. Originally we were gonna do 100 km, but that wasn’t really possible due to our altitude gain. What I can’t get used to, are SPD shoes. I fell about ten times, so I got a lot of bruises and from this training.

I have to say that I was quite glad that I get to work with Cosmos Active. They sent me tapes, cooling gels and pads and some warming creams a few days before this training. Well, I basically got almost the whole first-aid kit, haha 🙂 So far, I’ve used the tapes, because my ankle has been bothering me since the last fracture when overloading it in a difficult terrain. I can’t say if the ankle lasted this crazy pace thanks to the tapes, or I was just being more careful this time. However, the result is the same 🙂 And for that huge bruise on my thigh due to falling from the bike, I used their cooling gel, which helped a lot. 

The second team member had a couple of surgeries on his knee ligaments, so I treated his knee with cooling pads, for which you don’t even need a freezer – you just break a liquid ball inside and the chemical reaction provides the ice temperature.

The next training is on Wednesday, so wish me luck please!