Fall(ing) leaves

Heyyyyyyy everyone!

So I was forced to buy another coat (actually two of them) but it’s not like I regret it, hahah:) But I mean, excuse me?! How come I didn’t not have it before? By the way, the other coat is orange, haha:) I have to admit, that it was so much fun to shoot these pictures, especially when I was trying to shake the tree, so the leaves would fall on me. All the passing people couldn’t really understand what exactly I was doing hahaha:) And then I got an idea – to stick one of those leaves into my hair, so my outfit would match, haha:))) 

I’m wearing Puma shoes and in this context I’d like to announce a BIG thing, that happened just a few weeks back! I’m the new Puma ambassador for the Czech Republic, so if you’re a big fan of their products as well, stay tuned for more outfits and news! 🙂 

Anyways, you won’t believe what I’m doing right now! I’m sitting in a car somewhere near the German border, and because the traffic isn’t moving at all, I pulled out my computer and started writing. This is what I like to call effective work. Everyone around me looks at me like I’m super-crazy, but why not turn your car out into an office, haha:) 

I’m on my way to Munich, from where I’m driving to a place in Austria, where I’m gonna try to climb a wall. So this time there is no walking or hiking. This is going to be a bit different, so let’s see!:) 

Well, it looks like the line is starting to move, so I’m gonna focus on not hitting other cars and getting to Munich safely! 



Coat – H&M
Pants – H&M
Shoes – Puma
Backpack – Parfois
Top – H&M
Sunglasses – RayBan