Gym time

Hey fitnessers!

It’s been ages since I wrote some fitness article, so I decided to write one now :))

We’ve had a lot of leg&butt exercises here, so today I’ll focus on the upper part, about which girls should not forget! I find out that people tend to focus on just one part of the body. The guys, of course, on the upper part (pump those biceps as much as you can, right?!) and girls mainly on the glutes and legs. But that’s not how you do it, people! Do you have any idea how the muscles are unbalanced?! First of all, this may be one of the reasons why all of you are complaining about your back pain, and secondly, it looks terribly from the visual point of view. 

When I asked the guys why they exercise upper body only, they told me that you can’t see the legs in pants *facepalm*. When I asked the girls why they exercise legs only, they told me they didn’t want to have arms like Arnold *facepalm no.2*. But when the guys don’t focus on their legs, they will look like those, you find on Google when you write “never skip leg day”, and the girls would have to eat about one pound of meat every day, use steroids and lift horses to look like Arnold.

So, on Friday, I went to the gym after a really long time. I did shoulders, chest, back and triceps.
Lately, I have been so excited about dressing a bit more to the gym, so I usually exercise in a sweatshirt or a thermo t-shirt, so I can sweat more. There is a guy in our gym, who wears a full outdoor jacket and pants, but now I kinda understand, what he’s doing there. Plus I also hate, when everyone watches me during my workout, so with a long sleeve t-shirt with no neckline, I can reduce the number of those people to minimum hahaa:)

Anyways, I did:

Shoulder presses (standing) 12x
Pull-up attempt 5x
Rows with a bar (bent) 15x
Shoulder presses with dumbbells, standing, 12x each hand (using the core for the balance)
Burpees with push-ups 20x
Triceps kickbacks with dumbbells 12x each arm (bent)
Rear delt flies with dumbbells on a inclined bench 15x

And I repeated everything 3 times. Having fun for one and a half hours guaranteed! Haha:)

So the mission of this article is: girls, don’t forget to exercise the upper body as well! :)))))
P.S. T-shirt and shoes are by Puma and I love them to the Moon and back! <3 


(Pictures taken in Blue Orange Business Resort)