Grimsel Pass – a pass with ice bergs

Hey travellers!

Here’s the third article about Switzerland!

So this place was exactly the reason, why our journey from Kandersteg to Zermatt took 5 hours instead of two. We didn’t know that the road would would take us to this beautiful pass, where we would stop every five minutes. Grimselpass is another fantastic place worth seeing!

Down in the switchbacks I thought I could test my car, so I put on a sport mode, and with a roaring engine started to drift in sharp turns. On some of the turns my wheels were sliding and at some of them I had to stop, because those views were unreal! On the way up, we passed two dams and one glacier lake, so we stopped at each of them and walked a bit. 

The highest point of Grimselpass is a lake at an altitude of 2,164 m.a.s.l. I remember when we started to climb the switchbacks it was about 27°C. Up here at the lake it was 11°C.

This pass is probably a very popular place for bikers, because I’ve probably never seen so many motorcycles at one place. In the curves, they were almost leaning on the ground. There were also many cyclers, who I admired a lot because a strong will is needed to make it to the top!

For a moment, the nature looked like Greenland. It’s not like I’ve been to Greenland, but it looked exactly as on the pictures, haha:) And that’s probably the most beautiful thing about Switzerland. You drive 50 km and the juicy greenery suddenly turns into an arid tundra with glaciers in the lakes.

From Grimselpass, we headed straight to Zermatt. Actually to Täsch, where we had to leave the car parked, because cars aren’t allowed in Zermatt, but more about that next time! 🙂