Lake Tahoe – a place that has it all

Hey travellers!

One of the last articles from California is finally out!

Lake Tahoe is an absolutely epic place in northern California that is worth seeing. And not just once. You should come here every time you find yourself in California, because it’s one of those places where there’s always something to discover and that never gets boring. 

The Tahoe area is also popular among Americans, which just proves how amazing this spot is 🙂 In the summer, you can swim, paddleboard or kayak, ride a bike and hike. In the winter, the waterfalls turn into ice falls and the peaks around the lake turn into slopes, so while you’re skiing, you can enjoy the beautiful turquoise lake.

Surprisingly, there was still a lot of snow in April, so I spent one day skiing too. And I didn’t regret it! For the next two days, I was driving around the lake and taking pictures of all kinds of spots. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do a lot of hikes, but it’s obvious where my steps will lead first whenever I come back to Tahoe.

If you ever go to Lake Tahoe, book at least three or four days and prepare your wallet – this place is not cheap at all.