Weekend in Yosemity & NP Sequioa

Hey English-speaking travellers! 

So I noticed that my blog about fashion and fitness is slowly becoming a blog about outdoor. Which I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. After the exhausting article from Finland, these will be a little shorter, so I hope you don’t mind.

In some mysterious way, I found myself in CALIFORNIAafter a year and a half. My fifth time to my beloved Cali. I feel like it’s my soul-state (together with Scandinavia). Sounds like a cliché, I know. It’s like Bali. With the difference that we all have known for decades that California is a paradise on Earth. Bali has been popular for a few years only. 

It was a dream trip, as always. I found myself in five different parts of California within two weeks, and therefore the articles from this trip will be divided into five.

The first part is from Yosemite and Sequioa NP.

Since it was early April, most Yosemite hikes were closed. Well … Duh, when there were two meters of snow everywhere. A two-day exploration began on a hike to Upper Yosemite Fall. It’s about a four-hour hike up and a two-hour hike down, but when you use the snow for sliding, you can be down at the parking lot in an hour and a half.

That day’s sunset was spent somewhere along the way out of the park. The best sunrise can be viewed at Tunnel View. The next day morning I came back to the valley and explored Lower Yosemite Fall for a bit. In the afternoon I hit the road and headed to Sequoia. Unfortunately, the main road was closed due to too much snow, so it was impossible to pass through and see the General Sherman, so I had to choose option two, which was General Grant Tree.