Heyyyy guyssss! 

So I think there has been enough of mountains, so now let’s get back to real life in Prague!

Last week the Prague Fashion Week took place, and to be honest, it really disappointed me this year. But thanks to Philips, I got on at least one show and I think it was the best one. I got to see my favorite Czech designer Polanka. 

Since me & Martin was working on MBPFW this year (we were shooting a special episode of my fashion show there), I had to cover up with as many layers as possible so I wouldn’t freeze. That’s why I was wearing two coats. Well, I did not freeze, so at the end of this article you’ll also find photos from the show! And at the very end you’ll find out where I got my outfit from! :)))

Well, I’m gonna get back to writing my thesis again! Have a wonderful weekend! 
E. <3


Brown coat – Zara
Yellow coat – H&M
Shoes – Puma by Rihanna
Pants – Zoot.cz
Top – Zoot.cz
Cap – Reserved
Handbag – H&M