Mixing patterns? Why not!

Hey guysss! 

Here’s one more of the forgotten summer outfit posts, haha 🙂 This was captured in July, because I remember that for some incomprehensible reason I wanted to illustrate how the combination of different patterns looks like and when we were photographing this, I was sweating as hell because it was super hot. I think I would be really cold in this outfit today. 

So, combining patterns – I have never been a big fan of different patterns in one outfit, but I said to myself that I would give it a chance when you basically don’t see anything else on the runways. Brands combine flowers, checkered patterns and dots all together. But only a few people dare to put on such a combo, including me. 

So I started light. Two types of chequer. Big and small. And still, as a supporter of mimimalism, simplicity and clean lines, I think it would look better with just a simple plain gray jacket/blazer. 

And what is your attitude when it comes to combining patterns? :))

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Dress – Zara
Blazer – Forever21
Shoes – Vans (via Zoot.cz)
Bag – Zara