I’m gonna have my own fashion workshop!

Hey everyone! 

So here we go! 

Today I launched the sale of tickets for a fashion workshop I’ll be holding on November 24th from 10:00am, taking place in Prague in Elite Bloggers Hub. You know I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, but I started meaning it just a couple of days ago. 

Only about 10 people can fit in the Hub, so it’ll be more cozy & friendly, which is so much better than big workshops, because first of all I don’t feel comfortable with talking to a big group of people (you have no idea how nervous I always am when I give the lecture on a University) and secondly, we can discuss individually the style of each of you. I also know that the discussion, which is often the most beneficial, work so much better in a smaller group. 

And what’s this whole workshop about? Let’s talk about the most basic rules in fashion, but also the most common mistakes, I’ll give advice about dressing according to body types, so that we hide imperfections and bring your good parts to attention. I’ll also give you inspiration on how to use your clothes as you would never think about it, but there will be much more, of course. I promise that you will leave the place with a clear idea of ​​what you’re going to wear the next day (and indeed all the other days as well). Because I know that feeling when you’re standing in front of your closet in the morning having no clue what to wear and how to combine your pieces. And then you go & buy another unnecessary piece in Zara, because you feel like you have nothing to wear. And that’s how it goes again and again and you spend thousands on clothing. 

One of the other cool things about this workshop is the food, so leave your snacks at home, and even if you’re not interested in fashion, come and have a snad with us, because we’ll have food and drinks from the great Zátiší Group. 

I’ve created another cool thing just 10 minutes ago, haha 🙂 There will be a competition at the end of the workshop and you guys can win a package, which I won’t reveal now, but it’s really great and I don’t even want to give it to anyone because I selfishly wanna keep it for myself, hahaha 🙂 That’s how great the prize is. 

And the price? I’m not trying to make money on this workshop, I’d just love to help girls and women like myself or my mom a couple of years ago. Those who stare into the closet and feel desperate. But you certainly understand that we need at least to cover the costs. I feel like investing 699CZK to learn how to orientate in fashion instead of buying another skirt that breaks down after two uses (and you bought it just because you didn’t know what to wear anyways) is a good idea, isn’t it? 

All the information and TICKETS can be found HERE!

So what do you think guys? Are you ready to be a star? :))))



Dress – Ipekyol
Blazer – Zoot.cz
Shoes – Forever21
Turteneck – H&M
Hat – Tonak