Mustard IS a color!

Hey everyone!

I just found out that my school starts in Monday!!!!!! Not that it would matter that much to me, because this semester I only have one lesson per week, but it means that this summer is over and that hurts! Can anyone tell me how it’s possible that the summer went by so quickly? 

Anyways, since I came back from Norway, I don’t even know when the last time I could chill out was. I haven’t made it on time to a single meeting, I get up around 5:00 every day, get home around eleven in the evening and haven’t done my workout for a month now – my gym bag has been lying in my hall since I left to Norway. 

And what am I so busy by? The highlight of today’s week was a show for the brand Save my Bag, where I walked the show (yeah, me! Hahaha:D) Well, I didn’t do well I think. Today, I was getting up at 3:20am and went to see the sunrise at Drábské Světničky in collab with Corny. On Sunday, I’m leaving to Zugspitze for three day in collaboration with Hanway, which is a kind of a small getaway and a reminder of summer for me, even though there are tons of snow. The next weekend I’ll back with my FitMood at the farmer’s market on Řezáčovo náměstí in Prague, so if you want to come and try my fitness bowls, please do!:) 

At the end of September, I’m thinking about climbing some mountain on my own and I still don’t want to give up on Mt Blanc, but maybe I’ll try Grossglockner or something around Matterhorn. The problem is how to combine all the travels with my school schedule, because now, as I’m thinking about it, I’ll be gone for at least 5 weeks, so hopefully they won’t kick me out in the last semester, haha:) 

Well, so this is pretty much my recent life in a nutshell. Yeah and not to forget, I’m wearing the brand new all white Daniel Wellington watch and if you like it, you can use my 15% discount code TIMETOFIT15 if you order on their website! Cheers!



Skirt – Zara
Leather jacket – Bershka
Shoes – CCC
Hanbag – Céline
Top – Lindex
Watch – Daniel Wellington