Everything you wanted to know about the university I studied

Hello guys!

Because I just graduated from university, I’d like to write an article that would summarize the years spent at University of Economics and I’m gonna try to conclude all my impressions and experiences that could help the ones, who are just deciding about college.

So I’ll take it from the beginning. After GCSE exams on secondary school, I had no clue what I wanted to do once, and back then I didn’t even have my blog or Instagram, so my future was pretty blurry. Everyone has always told me that the University of Economics is universal and I can do anything after this college. Because I was terribly scared that they wouldn’t accept me anywhere, I filled an application for 10 different schools, including all the faculties of VŠE.

They accepted me to all the faculties of VŠE and a few other schools. Finally, I reduced it to two faculties of VŠE – faculty of business administration and faculty of international relations – and started styding both of these because I wasn’t able to choose just one.

After the first semester, I decided to give up international relations and devoted myself to business administation. Now I know it was the best decision I could make.

I have begun to travel a lot while studying my bachelors degree, and I don’t even know how I did it, but I was able to pass pretty much everything even without going there. I quit attending lectures in my second year and I only attended seminars, but not all of them. Well to be honest, I was kinda missing the lectures when it came to exams & tests, and I had to study much more. When everyone else studied for a week, I was stuck in a library for three weeks.

I didn’t pass three exams on bachelor’s – accounting, informatics and microeconomics, so I had to repeat them. These three subjects were a nightmare for me. Seems like everyone is afraid of math, which is probably difficult, but I had a pretty good eight-year drill on highschool, where our teacher wanted us to be ready and apparently she did a great job even though we hated her for that. So I can’t really judge if the VŠE math was hard or simple.

The bachelor went by so fast, and in exactly three years, I was starting my master’s. I didn’t really participate in the lessons because I had tons of stuff to do, so I went to school even a little less often.

The master’s took me three years instead of two, but the only thing I did the last year were the state exams and a thesis. However, the crisis has come up with the last state exam (out of three). I passed it after two attempts but that’s not important at this point. 

If I had to summarize…. The University of Economics gave me everything I needed in life, except how to fill a taxt form. Nobody taught me that and I’m not able to do it myself, haha 🙂

So, if you feel the same as I did back then and you don’t have your life lined as a lawyer or a doctor, I really recommend VŠE. It’s really the best economic university in the Czech Republic 🙂

So now it’s your turn guys, ask me anything because I’m sure I didn’t say everything I wanted.