My make-up routine

Hey guyssss!

Some time ago, I promised an article about the products I use for doing my make up and I finally found the time to take some pictures and write about my favorite products.

Not every product I use every day. I also don’t use just one brand because from each brand I like something different. I mix Dior, Douglas, Vichy, Clinique and even Essence together.

Let’s get on it then!

As the first thing in the morning after washing my face, I use the Mineral 89 booster from Vichy, about which I wrote just recently, but I fell in love with it very quickly. It gets the skin ready for foundation, smoothes it and the gel texture cools the skin, which feels great in the morning.

Then comes the foundation. I alternate two products, depending on how tan I am – one is darker and the other one is lighter. I got some tan recently, so I use foundation from Dior called Undercover (shade 032). It’s also a little heavier than Clinique Even Better (Shade CN52), which I’ve already written about. But sometimes there are days when I don’t need a perfect make-up that covers all the flaws, so I reach for Even Better, which is lighter and doesn’t cover that much.

Because I like the matte look, I fix the foundation with a powder from Dior, which is not in the picture because it’s really really old and looks horrible, haha:)

Instead of a blusher, I use a bronzer from Dior called DiorSkin Mineral Nude Bronze (shade 02). By the way all of my brushes are from Douglas, they have the best ones!

To highlight my eyebrows I use Pretty Easy Brow Palette from Clinique, which I have already written about as well. The texture is powder-ish, which doesn’t damage the brows as much as a brow pencil.

As far as the eyes are concerned, I use nude shadows. I alternate the palette from Dior called Colour Gradation(Shade 002) and Douglas (Basic Palette from the Metal Eyes collection). Both have beige/brown/bronze shades, so nothing really extravagant.

Then comes my eyeliner. To be honest, I’ve been a little bit lazy lately because I’ve discovered the lash extensions. So I haven’t used the eyeliner for a really long time because the lashes were enough. But recently I took them off and let my lashes rest for a few months. So I went back to my cat-eye lines. For that I use the waterproof liquid lines from Essence called Liquid Ink. I’ve tried a thousand eye liners, but surprisingly the cheapest ones are the best ones.

I don’t use any mascara for my upper lashes because it just doesn’t make any sense. I literally don’t have any lashes. But I do have some lower lashes, so for highlighting them I use a black mascara from Dior called DiorShow Iconic (shade 090).

I often forget about my lips. Maybe because I do them at the end and I usually run out of time haha:) But when I don’t forget, before I apply some lipstick, I use Lip Maximizer from Dior (which looks like a blue lipgloss, but is not blue at all). It makes the lips a little bigger thanks to collagen. When I’m in the mood for red lips, I use my favorite red lipstick from Dior (shade 999). Another favorite product of mine is Clinique Liquid Lipstick (02 Flame Pop Shade or 07 Boom Pop shade).

If I’m not in the mood for red lips, I just put on the pink-ish lipstick/balm from Dior called Lip Glow (shade 101), after which my lips look a little healthier.

And I’m ready to go! I can handle everything in about 15 minutes, so I definitely don’t spend hours in the bathroom in the morning.

If you have any questions, feel free! 🙂