My mom

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Hey guysss! 

How are you enjoying the summer so far? I’ve been having amazing few weeks, but everyone probably sees that hahaha :)))) Since I’m going on the next trip to the Dolomites with my mom, I decided to write a few words about her because she’s the most important person in my life. 

We have the most beautiful relationship with my mom, because we don’t really feel like a mom and a daughter, which I don’t know whether it’s good, but I respect it very much and I wouldn’t want it any other way. We’re more like friends. My mom is just as crazy as me, so I love traveling with her (and every other activity as well actually). 

This article is in cooperation with Pandora, whose July claim is “friendship” and that’s how I feel about my relationship with my mom. I have a couple of good friends, but my mom is the best one and will always be. I really appreciate this kind of a friendship because I’m sure I’ll never have such a relationship with anyone. Ever. I tell her everything, she always gives me good advises, tolerates all my crazy ideas, and does half of them with me. I have so many cool memories with her, she is really fun, she’s traveled with me halfway around the world, and I think the other half is waiting for us somewhere there and she’s always supported me in whatever I did. I would never change her and I’m so glad to have her. 

Whenever we go somewhere together, everyone always wonders how we can have this kind of a relationship. And do you know what I think it is? It’s because she never actually bossed around, hit me and she never forbid me anything. She just just told me not to do it and waited for me to realize it on my own. I remember her telling me a few times not to drink alcohol. At the age of 16, I got drunk so bad, that I was unable to walk, and when I got home I don’t even know how, my mom put me in the shower, turned on cold water and said, “See? I told you” and left me there. I realized I don’t ever want to get drunk like this anymore, and it hasn’t happened to me since then. She also told me not to smoke. From about 17 to 19 I’d been smoking and after graduation I had just realized how nasty it was, quit and now I wouldn’t touch a cigarette anymore. All these things I’ve realized on my own and it’s a lot more valuable than just doing what my parents say.

Anyways, today we went to a hairdresser together and then for lunch and we really enjoyed it. In a couple of days we’re heading to the Dolomite to hike Tre Cime (2999 m.a.s.l.) and I’m so excited! 🙂 

And what about you guys, what’s your relationship with your mom? :))