Hey guys! 

Oceanside! I had no idea about this town. Until recently. When we were passing it, it really caught my attention, so we parked the car and got out for a short walk. And so I really fell in love with this oceanside town! Well, like with every coastal town in Southern California, hihi 🙂

As every morning, it was cloudy. But somehow it didn’t matter at the moment. There was slow music coming out of one of the beach apartments, and the surfers were riding on the soft waves. But not like in movies and videos I’ve seen before. They were more cuddling with the waves than actually riding them. And everything was so calm. Like Sunday morning, even though it was Thursday.

We were on the empty beach and listening to the rustling palm trees and the sea. Sometimes we had a word or took a picture. When we got to the pier, the pelicans flying just above the water surface caught my attention. Every time they saw a fish, they headed straight down into the water. I’ve never seen that before, so I spent a few minutes watching them.

This place left me with such a strange feeling. But in a positive sense. Even now, when I’m writing the article about it, I’m listening to similar music and I’m smiling.

After about two hours, we jumped into the car again and headed north. The next stop was Santa Barbara.