Santa Barbara sunset

Hey guys!!! 

For me, Santa Barbara is true California. Even though it reminds me of some Caribbean place. I even started looking for the apartment prices. Well, que sorpresa, they’re super-expensive. 

We got here for the sunset, as well as three years ago, so I haven’t seen this town during the day yet. And I don’t really mind because it’s the prettiest at sunset time. I’m kinda scared that I’d find something ugly about it and that can’t happen. I’m really glad that I can consider it as one of the most beautiful (non-mountain) place in the world. 

When we parked the car, I hysterically jumped out of the car and started running around, taking pictures of pretty much everything. When I was going through all my pictures from the US, I found out, that I managed to take about 800 here, in Santa Barbara. And there were palm trees on every single one, haha:) 

We walked along the promenade all the way to the pier, to which we got at dark, so we turned around and went back to the car. We planned on sleeping in a hotel that night, so we drove a bit further north because all the hotels are really expensive here.